The truth is, there’s no shame in sitting out an event such as the Super Bowl. Think you might have a problem? Call or text the National Council on Problem Gambling hotline at 800-522-4700.

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Gotta realize there will always be something to bet on, that you have to say no to. At the end of the day theyre all about as good to bet on as the fucking Pro Bowl, you’re risking cash on whether some dumb jock can do the thing you want him to do with a pigskin balloon. And have to hope the refs dont make any mistakes that screw up your plans either.If anything the lack of fans has shown how meaningless these games are. They are simply toned down versions of old Roman gladiator games being used to force feed you advertising and sell merchandise and expensive parking spaces, beer and cable TV.If you ever bet on the NFL you would notice how so many games the team that covers is decided late in the 4th, the game comes down to the last few possesions, often the very last one. If that didn’t happen so often people wouldn’t watch til the end and the ratings and ad reach would suffer.That’s why you get those PIs and roughing the passer flags on the last drive every time, the team with the lead suddenly unable to stop the other team from marching up to the red zone… We need that exciting ending guys! That’s how the networks and team owners win.This should be a great super bowl to watch, the GOAT and the guy who could be the next GOAT. There might not be a punt all game. Hmmmmm…. Wonder what the odds are on that? Just kidding ;)Stay safe and don’t bet the game. It’s a coin flip anyway, much better one to just enjoy for the spectacle of these two offenses with great QBs and amazingly athletic pass catchers.

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